About Abaya

With the advent of Islam, it is this traditional closed clothing that is recommended for women to wear in public places.

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Abaya is the traditional outerwear of Arab women. It is a thin soft, usually black, cape cloak, or similar to a loose dress. In the Arabian Peninsula region, these clothes, combined with sheila (shawl) and niqab (burqa), were popular with women for a very long time, even before AD and in the first centuries of our era, because of their convenience and versatility, like outerwear for the street in a hot climate.

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What is taiga

I am a resident of a fabulous country.

Taiga coniferous forests: plant and animal world.

The largest natural zone in Russia is the taiga. Coniferous forests can be confidently called “lungs of the Earth,” because it is on them that the state of the air, the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide depends. Rich wood reserves, mineral deposits are concentrated here, many of which are being discovered to date. Continue reading What is taiga

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